Did I ruffle your feathers? Did I say something you didn’t like, in a voice that didn’t suit you? Did I wear something that offended you? Did I do something to make you look me up and down? Did I make you think twice?

I have been through a personal journey, a journey that is no more or any less important than someone else’s, but it is my own. There have been extreme highs and extreme lows but I can safely say I am in a space in my life where all of the aforementioned questions now do not affect me like they use to. This post isn’t about those highs and lows per say but rather about how fashion helped me through it.

And so to the question at hand; Did I ruffle your feathers? My answer; Don’t you just love these ruffles on my new shirt!


  • Ruffle Shirt: Asos
  • Silk Trousers: Asos
  • Trainers: Adidas
  • Sunnies: Gucci
  • Location: Streets of London Daaaahling

Until next time, say what you feel and mean what you say (only of course if you’re not hurting anyone)! Stay fully ruffled, stay fully packed!