Diesel recently launched their new brand campaign and its EPIC.

A series of 50 motivational phrases relating to the Diesel philosophy, each #forsuccessfulliving visual is a tip from Diesel to you about living well, staying true and doing things differently.

Such as #9 Be Brave; #13 Never Tire and #40 Have Fun. Good advice is great advice.

Khuli Chana,Ricci-lee Kalish, Kyle Cassim & Cedric Nzaca
Diesel Squad





I love the Diesel philosophy, there new 50 rules let you be you. I have always loved Diesel. Looking back at my clothes, I think my love for Diesel was my first true “fashion love”. I remember when there were very limited stores and my parents would bring me back Diesel items from overseas. The assistants in the stores used to know me and my style and they used to put stock away for me knowing that I would love it. The denims are timeless and I still have pairs in my cupboard that are over 15 years old. They have worn in the right places, and are still in perfect condition. Diesel are my go to jeans and I cant even count the pairs I have on both hands. My latest addition to my collection took place in my cupboard about 2 months ago. In my shopping escapades I always go into Diesel to see what they have, they make street style effortless and chic. With every collection Diesel seem to reinvent cool street style.

the rules #forsuccessfuliving makes me want to go out into the world and push boundaries, laugh, love and just live!