This is exactly what happens, I get on a roll with my website and then life gets busy and then The Fully packed bag takes a back seat. I am currently a little sick sitting on my couch watching one of my ultimate documentaries, Iris, the story of Iris Apfel. There is one thing that she says that always sticks with me and that is “fashion is like Jazz, try this try that”. I like to think that is how I approach fashion and my style. Mix a little this and a little that and if it works great, if it doesn’t, try again.

A few months ago I was asked to put together a GQ style diary. Five looks, for 5 days. GQ style diary – so here’s another one form the shoot.

I have posted some of these pics on my Instagram, the same ones that went on GQ, but I have not had the time to post all them. I loved shooting these looks, so here we go.

The second I saw this jacket I knew that I had to have it in my wardrobe. When it comes to items in my wardrobe I don’t shy away from statement pieces.

Scotch and SodaMy tactic with statement pieces is to go plain on either the top or bottom and not let the piece fight with the rest of your outfit. It also gives you a chance to show that you know what you’re doing and play with colour a bit.

I’ve gone for a mostly blue look but added some complimentary tomes with the ox blood shoes, and let the jacket speak for itself. This jacket is so versatile and can be taken from a casual and informal environment when paired with a dark denim into a formal look when complimented with a smarter pair of trousers and shoes.

If you have a look on my Instagram I recently went against this rule and paired this jacket with a pair of statement trousers (also from Scotch and Soda), it’s not a look that I would wear every day, it’s more of an “event” look. I think it worked, the colours in the trousers were the same as the jacket, the patterns and prints even though both bold complemented each other.

Be brave, buy that piece you not to sure about! Stand out, be bold!

Scotch and Soda
Always make a statement


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