A few months ago I was asked to put together a GQ style diary. Five looks, for 5 days
I have posted some of these pics on my Instagram, the same ones that went on GQ, but I have not had the time to post all them. I loved shooting these looks, so here we go, I will be posting them all over the next few days.
About the first look:
If you follow my posts you would know that I am slightly obsessed with Scotch and Soda, as you will see in this look and a few more to follow. This may sound strange, but I find the clothes simple and over the top at the same time. Scotch and Soda make you feel and look cool (I hate that word, but don’t know how else to describe it) without trying to hard . There isnt one item from Scotch and Soda that I have never not received a compliment on.

I know style and is very individual, which Scotch and Soda understand, they have something that suits everyone’s personalities.
Here I have taken a pair of light wash carrot top jeans, a printed tee and a parka.The yellows and pinks of the printed tee work well against the parka and picks up the colours in the pom-poms, yes the pom-poms, which I am obsessed with. I was instantly drawn to the parka because of those pom-poms! The parka has quickly become a seasonal favorite and I think everyone needs one in their wardrobe.

It’s the details in all the items that make it work, and in my opinion work well! It’s the details that Scotch and Soda add that sets them apart from anything else. The look is a season old, but you can find similar parka’s in most places!


Scotch and Soda
GQ Style Diary Look 1

Scotch and Soda


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