I recently jumped at the opportunity to drive the new BMW i3. I mean, who wouldn’t? It’s a BMW, its electric and it was bright red. With those three factors, it could only mean one thing — all eyes on me.

I’m far from a car enthusiast. If it looks good and it can fit my fully packed bag in the boot, then I’m good! So when the gentleman was explaining everything to me, I just nodded and smiled. The only way to know what a car is all about it to get in and drive it! It was one of the best drives homes ever. It was one of those drives where you are surprised when you get home. It was such a quiet drive (obviously, it’s electric), I had the sunroof open, windows down, then up, then down. I pushed every button the i3 had. Got home and then went for another drive around the neighbourhood.

But let’s get into it, here the facts.

  • The front of the hood is where you find the charging cables
  • You can charge it at home or any BMW dealer
  • The battery can charge to 80% in 40 minutes at a fast DC station (At the dealerships)
  • At home, it takes between 8 – 10 hours for a full charge
  • On a full charge, it can go for about 250kms ( ideal for quick trips around the city)
  • The combined power consumption of the BMW i3 (120 Ah) is 13.1 kWh per 100 kilometres, while the BMW i3s (120 Ah) has a power consumption of 14.6 kWh to 14.0 kWh per 100 kilometres.
  • The high efficiency of the electric motor and the enhanced battery capacity result in a range that is nearly 30 per cent higher than that of the predecessor models.

Would I race to get this car? No? Was it a fab fun drive? Defiantly. I would consider getting this car if I lived overseas and charging points where all over. I am currently writing this on a flight after a weekend in London, and now that I am more aware of the i3, I saw them everywhere and charging points all over the place. The perfect city car for London, Paris or Amsterdam.

It was a fun couple of days in the little red guy and would undoubtedly love to drive it again. After all, it certainly caught the eye of bystanders, could fit my fully packed bags and most of all. It was good for the environment. Remember to stay “Fully Packed”.