Scotch and Soda, undoubtedly one of my favorite brands! Every piece of clothing or accessory I own from this brand is still in perfect condition. I am just never disappointed. And so with their signature, my Scotch and Soda obsession is now complete!

So why write a post on one particular scent? The answer is simple, it is just too good not to! I know that when a description of a scent is given we mostly just shrug it off because lets be honest, no matter what long list of concoctions go into it, you either like it or you don’t!

For those who do take a keen interest in the description of a fragrance, here it is – Barfly features fresh top notes of citrus-herb, middle notes of lavender and jasmine, and notes of sandalwood, musk and Madagascar vanilla. Ok so, there is no doubt I get hints of vanilla, some citrus and musk but lets just say it’s a good thing I am not a professional perfumer. 

The best description I have heard of this new Scotch and Soda scent is that Barfly is an intense but simple fragrance. And I like to think I can relate to that in that there is no doubt I can be just as juxtaposed. The Fully Packed Bag is as intense, passionate and deep as he is simple, humble and unassuming (outfit and day dependent of course!)

Do yourself a favour and go give this new scent a try, because just like Scotch and Soda’s clothing, Barfly has its own character and is full of details.