‘Tis the season to mix metals tra la la la la la la la la. And with my beautiful rendition of Deck the Halls so with it comes the arrival of December. This of course means the unavoidable Christmas work parties, choosing the right New Years Eve party or parties and everything else festive in between.

As I am sure you have gathered I hardly need an occasion or an excuse to wear something shiny, I am of course the quintessential magpie BUT the festive season ignites all that glitters within me tenfold!

And why be limited to one shade of shine? Nah, not me….the shinier, the better! This is one of my favourite festive season party looks and it’s pièce de résistance is it’s layering and no fear of mixing silvers and golds.


  • Kimono: ASOS
  • Glitter Shirt: ASOS
  • Trousers: Moschino
  • Belts: ASOS, Gucci and Top Shop
  • Boots: ASOS

The addition of the kimono and layered belts is to arrive with that somewhat first layer of sophistication and ‘covering up’ if required. But just as the ever-so-popular mullet hairstyle conveys the message of a party at the back so does the bottom layer of a sheer glitter shirt convey the message of a party underneath! So when the clock strikes 12 and the New Year is chimed in, break out the party top and don’t stop dancing!

ALL TOGETHER NOW: ‘Tis the season to mix metals tra la la la la la la la la! Until the next bold outfit, stay shiny and always fully packed.