When it comes to bucket list destinations there is one city on everyone’s list. NEW YORK. The big apple, the city that never sleeps. Call it what you may, but there is no denying the wonder that is NYC .

The bustle on the streets, the bright lights and towering icon buildings are enough to make your heart pound out of your chest, and this isn’t just for the first time visitors. Every time I have traveled to New York I am nervous and excited about what the city holds.


New York may be a daunting city, but a friend of mine, I like to call her Tart has traveled to the City enough times to know it like a local!

She complies a list of things to do and how to do it and sends it out to friends before they travel, they get it on one condition, they need to add to it. It becomes more of a travelling list of NYC…


Here’s the run down:



Airport: Cabs are expensive, especially on your own so get a super shuttle from the airport. You can book online and it should take quicker than getting one there, but I just got one from the Information Centre and it fetched me within 30 minutes. It’s $25 per person, you don’t have to tip and it’ll drop you wherever you would like to go. Shared lifts take reeeaaally long (it could take two hours from the airport to your destination) but I guess it’s why it’s so cheap. Uber is another options, and yellow cabs into Manhattan are a flat rate of $51 so with tax about $60.


Metro: I would either buy a 7 day unlimited pass for $30 (depending on how long you are there for) or metro card for $20 that you can just refill (I did this). A single trip is $2,75 and gets expensive if you’re using the subway more than twice a day.

Train to airport:

$2.75 for your metro entry and then when you get to the AirTrain it will cost $8 or so


Cabs/Uber/Lyft: At night you’ll want to use yellow cabs/uber/lyft rather than the subway to be safe. Lyft is a brand new app just like Uber but cheaper than Uber. Just make sure the location is right because sometimes the pin moves.

Uber Pool: Between 7–10am and 5–8pm, Monday through Friday, all uberPOOL rides starting and ending in Manhattan below 110th Street will be $5



Recommend booking your first two nights in NYC and then download an app called Hotel Tonight. Its geo locates and sees you are in NYC and drops the already discounted rates even further. You can find amazing deals here

Empire State Building


I would do Empire OR top of the rock. Empire is great because it’s super high and you get an incredible view of the city. You can just find agents selling tickets to go up on the day. I think slightly cheaper than top of the rock $30 (I think)



Top of the Rock


I think it’s more expensive to do this because it has a slightly better view of the city – you can see Central Park and there is a whole tour about the city. Definitely book online though to avoid queues. It’s about $45 per person.


Statue of Liberty ferry


It’s also cool to do this after Empire State, because it’s nice to see the city from the water. Also interesting tour with facts about the city. Make sure you get a cool tour guide otherwise it’s a waste of time and annoying listening to some computer. Also, no need to get off the ferry as you go super close to the Statue of Liberty.




This is a must see. The most incredible art is here and you’ll know and see so much more than you think. You’ll see artists like Andy Warhol, Picasso, Monet etc. MoMa is right by the top of the rock so could be cool to do these two things in one day.

Lunch/Dinner in this area: Mozzarella and vino (really nice to sit at a little table outside if it’s nice weather) has the most amazing lasagne and of course, Mozzarella.


Chelsea (NB) / Meatpacking District


Chelsea Market: This is not your traditional market outside on the streets. It’s more like a modern underground chic market with stalls down a long corridor. If you start your day here, try not get Starbucks and rather get a cappuccino inside the Market. As you walk in you have to try a Fat Witch Brownie. Walk quite far down to get a Ninth Street Coffee. Just when you think the market is finished walk all the way to the end and you’ll find a market within a market with really stunning jewelry.


Walk the High Line: People overrate this a little, but I still would definitely do this. It’s one of the few things that is free and it is really beautiful seeing the city this way. Won’t take you long either.


Hansevoort market: Food only market, no alcohol and no shops, but quite nice to get a quick meal and rest your feet for a minute or two.


Standard Biergarten: A really cool beer yard and meeting spot. Definitely have a beer – can’t get away ordering wine in a beer garden. Wine is ridiculously overpriced probably for a reason.


The brass monkey: Fun and vibey for drinks – go to the rooftop, not really a view but it’s vibey. Turns into a bar/club at night so really fun.


La Bain: very cool nightclub, sometimes they require a password but if there are a lot of women you shouldn’t have a problem.


The Frying pan: This is a great local spot for fish and chips, it’s a restaurant on the water and an easy walk down from the high-line


Greenwich Village (NB – My favorite area)

This is the only area in New York where there’s no grid system so it’s one of the oldest areas. Sarah Jessica Parker lives here today apparently.

Joe’s coffee: A local hangout. Great for coffee, I don’t think they serve breakfast here.

Bubby’s: Weekend brunch. (Brunch is huge on the weekends –  definitely have a frozen mimosa).

Joseph Leonard: Such a nice little breakfast and lunch restaurant. Breakfast is served until 3:30pm.

Bookmarc: Great reasonable gifting store.

Magnolias Bakery: This is the original Magnolias where Sex and the City was filmed.

The Spotted Pig: (NB) Really nice for an early dinner and drinks. Most amazing food in New York.

Hummus place/bar: If you’re feeling like a really, really healthy dinner (think it’s actually a vegetarian restaurant) then this is your place. Food like quinoa and other hippy shit is served here, really delicious.

Rosemary’s on Greenwich: really nice for lunch or dinner

Claudette: on 5th ave /10/11th same owners as Rosemary’s just a bit fancier

Flex muscles: (sea food) big muscle pots

The Meat Ball Shop: nice for a chilled dinner, and obviously specialize in meat balls


East village:

Mr purple: for rooftop drinks

Dirty French: restaurant is amazing food, but rather expensive

Beauty and Essex: if you cant get in for dinner just go for a drink (I just had cocktails there) it’s hidden behind a pawn shop, and girls go to the bathroom there is a champagne bar!


NYC Parks:

Central Park: Walk or cycle the perimeter 10km. If you don’t want to do this, any run or walk into the park will be beautiful.

Bryant Park: Much smaller park and really nice to go sit here with your lunch. There are little tables and chairs for anyone to sit at.

The Flatiron:

Most incredible building – must see.

230 fifth: Drinks at the top. Really expensive but amazing view of the Empire State.

Market below the Flatiron: Not too sure what this is called but the best food market I’ve been to. It’s directly below the flatiron and has yummy food (dinner), cocktails and dessert.


Eataly: I’m sure you’ve heard of this, most amazing pasta and pizza. We went to the pasta restaurant at the back of the shop, put your name down as there are 5 in Eately and its about 30 mins wait but so worth it. If you don’t eat there, then just go into the store, you will be blown away.

Shake Shack: the original Shake Shack is here if you want to get their delicious cheeseburger and fries and sit in the park



The Grey Dog: (Yummy quickish breakfast)

Jack’s wife Freida: (Breakfast) if you like pancakes then this is the place. There are quite a few so just Google the closest one to you.
Soul Cycle: Really fun fitness spinning class. There are Soul Cycle’s all over Manhattan and you can just google the classes and venues. Think it’s $20 for your first class.

5th Aveune shopping: All the boutique stores and vintage stores are here. I would just google (or even see on Instagram) what’s around when you’re there.

Dean and de luca: Famous deli on broadway. Even if you don’t buy anything here, nice to check it out.

Chalk point kitchen: (Dinner) Most delicious plates (kinda like tapas). Quite expensive but so delicious. Have to book online on the day.

The James hotel: The best spot for a drink and delicious cocktails. Go to the James, and to the top floor the bar is called the Jimmy. It is also featured in the movie Another Woman.

Egg: apparently really nice for breakfast

Cronut store: they invented the cronut, if you want to get oen you will need to queue from 8am as they sell out quickly


Time Square:

Try rather walk through Times Square at night, it’s much more exciting at night as it’s quite harrowing in the day – be prepared for crowds. There is amazing shopping on this strip, basically every shop you can imagine. Shops are open till 9pm. Go into the M&M and Hershey’s store if you want chocolate and gifts. You need to do this once only!

World Trade Memorial:

Amazing to walk inside and see just how huge the towers used to be. Really sad and incredible site. Try and look inside the churches close by. This takes a while to get through the museum as there is just so much to see. If you can definitely pre purchase a take for the top of the memorial at sunset – incredible experience. You get to see the whole city, and the way in which they do this is a story.

Brooklyn Bridge:

Walk or cycle across the bridge. (Easier to walk and not very far at all). Quite nice to have lunch in Williamsburg in Brooklyn (really nice area in Brooklyn).

Once you walk over Brooklyn bridge the famous pizza restaurant called Grimaldi’s. The pizzas are enormous and loads of famous people go there.


Brooklyn: (Williamsburg)

Just three stops from the Union station its easy to get there. On a Saturday go to the Smogasborg market on the water, great view of the city. There is also a small farmers market on a sat worth strolling through

Whyte Hotel: great for drinks and the view of the city

Joe’s Pizza: literally the best slice of pizza you will have (or maybe we had a bit too much to drink, but try it)

So many really nice shops in these streets


Central Park:

Obviously visit the famous Apple store

Run around the park if you have the energy, or hire a bike (we used the City bikes which were great, only thing is you have to check them in every 30 mins and there are no check points in the park they are just outside.) Don’t get on a horse and carriage there are too many horror stories about the poor horses

Mandarin Hotel: Indulge and get a sense of the city views, go to the Mandarin Hotel for a drink

Bergdorfs: nice to go and have high tea


Grand Central station – def worth a visit

Magnolias bakery, try their world famous cupcakes

Afternoon shopping in Soho and if you are feeling minted then 5th ave shopping as well as 70th and Madison for high end shopping

Broadway: See the Book of Mormon on Broadway, if you want cheap Broadway tickets there is a TKS office on Time Square where you can purchase last minute Broadway tickets

Seamless app:

Download this for your takeaways they even deliver to your hotel room if you are in a bad way, and only if you are in NYC for a long time or get off your butt and go exploring – there is too much to see and do


Now here’s what I’m adding to the list!

If you are there in winter there is nothing more movie scene-esque than ice skating in Central Park. This will set you back around $40, but its worth it! After all New York is all about the experience.

If you love Mexican, go to Dos Cominos. They do a killer Guac, team this with their brunch special, 2 hours of all you can drink Frozen Margaritas, Bubbles, Mimosa’s or screwdrivers. It’s a good way to start a Saturday in the Meatpacking district.

From Brunch I recommend going for a few drinks at The Tippler. The Tippler is a classic New York cocktail destination nestled in the cellar space below the Chelsea Market. The light of the “OPEN” marquee at 425 W 15th Street guides the way underground to a bar drenched in NYC history. With its reclaimed water tower wood and train rails from the nearby High Line, re purposed antique fixtures, vintage library decor and distinctive speakeasy vibe, The Tippler showcases innovative craft cocktails and locally made products. The Tippler

Views and Cocktials at The Standard Hotel are a no brainer… this is where Solange and Jay-Z has the fight in the elevator!

The Gansevoort is a great spot to end you night, and my end your night, I mean last stop to have a party. A gorgeous crowd of New Yorkers gathers there for drinks and as the night goes on, the drinks flow, the music gets turned up and the party continues!


Feeling rough after a night at the Gansevoort, head down to Foragers Table, 300 W 22nd St, for a bloody mary or signature cocktail and buttermilk pancakes. Trust me its work it. You will need to book about 2 weeks in advance and if you 10 mins late for your booking its cancelled. But if you don’t make it there, just grab a bagel and cream cheese. Nothing better

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