The warmth of the tropics. Surf for days. Luscious, organic food. Buzzing but never frantic. Speed it up or slow it right down. The colours (bright everything) and smells (incense everything). It makes me giddy just thinking about the place.Bustling streets filled with bars, cafes, restaurants and scooters all add to the vibe of Seminyak. Definitely the party capital of Bali, the town has a vibe of its own.

Seminyak was our next stop, giving you the balance you require on a holiday, a little bit of everything and a lot of fun. Seminyak itself is touristy, beachy and full of boutiques, but I loved it for the endless places to chow down and sink a cocktail with a sunset and nights spent on various dance floors

Pool Days and Late Nights
Pool Days and Late Nights

Seminyak is a sensory delight in all aspects and here are a few of my top picks . Breakfast at Sea Circus is the perfect way to start your day, the colorful vision that awaits you, not only in the décor but on your plate is enough to leave everyone satisfied.


Sensory Overload
Sensory Overload – find them here

Motel Mexicola, What can we say, except HOLA; Motel Mexicola is a refuge of frozen margaritas (Hands down the best I have ever had) and good times. The outdoor bar and bright surrounding idles amounts of food while the tequilas flow.


If there is ever a place to dance the night away its Potato Head Beach Club, Potato Head Beach Club is recognized by Condé Nast Traveller as one of the best holiday destinations in the world. Acknowledged as a true institution in Bali and globally renowned, Potato Head Beach Club is  a ‘must do’ when visiting Bali.

Potato Head Beach Club

No matter how long you spend in Seminyak there is something new to eat and explore everyday. The perfect balance in one place.