Spring has sprung! Despite the cold snap we have just endured, the 1st of September has come and gone and so with it Spring has officially arrived. And lets be honest, with the really upsetting week JHB has gone through, a little bit of colourful fashion, smiles and warmer days wouldn’t go amiss!

The start of a new season, whether it be fashion-based or weather-based allows some the opportunity for a “mental reboot” if you like. I think with the world in such a continuous spiral of hurtful news, sometimes it’s quite a nice simple idea to take the mere arrival of warmer days to try smile a little more and focus on what is good in your life.

So my little message today is not one of great “motivational speaker” status but rather one of simplicity. Smile a little more at the good things and why not wear something a little brighter, if not for the start of Spring then merely to brighten your day.


  • Suit and tee: Asos
  • Trainers: Aisics
  • Sunnies: Asos
  • Location: Streets of London Daaaahling

Keep smiling and stay fully packed!