It argues that caring about the way we dress, with consideration of the people and events around us or an occasion, is no less than necessary for an appreciation of life.

Whether you agree or not, it makes some powerful and eloquent arguments.

By “occasion” I mean an event out of the ordinary, a function other than our daily lives, an experience for which we take special care and preparation, at which we act and speak and conduct ourselves ­differently. There are many of these events which we attend. A wedding, a funeral, a big meeting or parties. For these sort of occasions there should be only one thing a man should turn to and that is a well-tailored suit.

A few years ago I would have said to you that an off the rack suit is perfect, even better with a little tailoring. Yes those are fine for everyday wear, especially if don’t wear one every day. For those special occasion there is no other way to go then a bespoke suit.

I recently added a new suit from Tailor Me to my bespoke collection which I had been saving for a very special occasion, you may call it a bucket list item, some a once in a life time opportunity, I don’t even know where to categorise this occasion, as I never thought it was ever a possibility.

I was invited to attend Her Majesty the Queen on England’s Garden party at Buckingham palace. An event attend by royalty, dignitaries and members of social standing. As I said in the beginning you need to care about the way you dress and consider the occasion and the people around you. Nothing less than a bespoke suit would have been suitable for this occasion. Tailor Me’s impeccable precision to detail rivals, if not better than the suits of Saville Row which were on display in the Majesty’s backyard.

Respect for the event and those in attendance was what made the occasion special.

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