I have always had a pre-conceived notion of what a Contiki actually is. I thought it was a whirlwind tour of Europe, eleven cities in two days,  go go  go and not get to experience the city the way I like to. I like to be able to spend time exploring, getting lost, see something I like and then go back the next day.

I take back everything I ever though a Contiki was and trust me, after this you will to. Over and above tours that take you to every corner of the globe, they have recently launched three new offerings called the “Limited Summer Series”. These offerings are just up my alley and the craving has kicked in, I need to experience one or all three.


blPart of the Limited Edition Summer Series, Contiki’s Boutique Local trip takes travellers on an immersive European journey, going local in style in Spain and Portugal’s best cities.

The centrepiece of Contiki’s brand new Limited Edition Summer Series, the Boutique Local trip is designed to take travellers to Europe’s coolest neighbourhoods, sampling local eats and treats and living like a local in every destination visited. Lead by an expert Contiki Trip Manager armed with the contacts and hot tickets to showcase all the local action, Boutique Local will facilitate a whole new kind of Contiki experience. Spanning 12 days and visiting Barcelona, Zaragoza, Bilbao, San Sebastien, Pamplona, Salamanca, Porto, Lisbon and Madrid, Boutique Local will deliver all the basics expected of a European Contiki, with an added focus on getting up close and local with each amazing destination. True to its name, Boutique Local will stay in exclusively boutique hotels throughout.


Part of the Limited Edition Summer Series, brand new foodie focussed product takes travellers around Europe one delicious local meal at a time.

Designed as the ultimate European foodie experience, Contiki’s newly launched Munch trip recognises food as a key travel motivator, taking travellers on a gastronomic journey across some of Europe’s top gourmet cities. Lead by an expert Contiki Trip Manager and food influencer, on hand to share tips and tricks for finding the best local eats, Munch is the ultimate itinerary for those wanting to nibble their way across the continent.

Spanning nine days and visiting Barcelona, Arles, Aix-en-Provence, Nice, Genoa, Florence, San Gimignano, Bologna, Lake Como and Milan, Munch will deliver all the great stuff expected of a European Contiki, with an added focus on hunting down and sampling the most delicious local food available. Cooking classes, pasta making, Tuscan dinners, food market tours and wine making will fill the days, whilst nights will be spent in comfortable local hotel

“We’ve replaced postcards with Instagram, and cameras with iPhones, but despite this digitisation food is one thing that remains stubbornly analogue,” says Kelly Jackson, General Manager for Contiki. “It’s this that makes food such a strong motivator for travel. Munch capitalises on the incredible food experiences Europe has to offer & provides something truly unique for today’s foodie traveller.”

And my personal favourite…



‘Gram with the best on Contiki’s Snap Trip

Part of the Limited Edition Summer Series, brand new Snap is perfect for aspiring photographers

Are you all about raising your Instagram game at every opportunity? Do you find yourself getting up at the crack of dawn to get the perfect light for your shot? If that head’s nodding right now, we’ve got one word for you… SNAP. This Limited Edition Summer Series trip dedicated entirely to aspiring photographers, Snap will see you combining your love of travel with your love for capturing life through a lens.

Led by a dynamic Trip Manager and Instagrammer duo to show you the ropes, visit the likes of Berlin, Salzburg and Venice with a small group of well-travelled, like-minded camera aficionados. Throw in perks like walking tours of the coolest neighbourhoods, wine tasting, foodie famous lunches and cosy sleeps in sweet hotels, and you might just have the perfect travel creation.

Find out more here https://www.contiki.com/uk/en/limited-edition