When is oversized too oversized? With fashion being so subjective, the answer to this question may never be right or wrong. Having said that, I dont care! I can safely say I received mixed reactions from this look, but a close stylist friend of mine always tells me, ‘when you’re comfortable in a look, you’re confident in a look!’ And I do not mean sloppy pyjama comfortable, I’m leaning more towards avoiding feelings of mutton dressed as lamb or fitting a size 10 foot into a size 8 because you simply must have the shoe! When you feel comfortable and therefore confident, you own the look no matter the side-eyes from others.

In true TFPB style I’ve gone that little bit extra in two ways! Firstly, why have tuxedo-esque trousers and not have them be velvet? That was a rhetorical question of course!

Secondly, why have the expected smart shoe with tuxedo trouser when you can have pointed, steel cap boots? Again, a rhetorical question!

Outfit details:

  • Oversized Shirt: Asos
  • Tuxedo Trousers: Asos
  • Boots: Asos
  • Sunglasses: Tom Ford
  • Location: The streets of London darling!

If of course going the oversized clothing route is not for you, always be oversized in personality!

Until next time, stay fully packed!