Here I am flying across the Atlantic Ocean, just left a somewhat chilly London and heading across to a freezing New York writing about two weeks of 36 degrees. From swimming trunks to coats. The destinations could not be more opposite.

Bali is a destination with something for everyone, whatever you are searching for in a destination Bali has plentiful to offer. Peaceful to party, lazy to late nights.

Ubud Bali - Where the world collides with tranquility
Pool views

Our Adventure ( I use adventure very loosely, the 11 of us had everything pre planned and did not plan on winging much) started in Ubud, a part of Bali that replenishes your soul, a place that conveys inner peace, a place where peace, tranquility and soul collides. Tucked away deep in among thick lush forests, the sanctuary that is Ubud, gives your body a holiday and rejuvenates your soul. Ever watched the movie Eat Pray Love? Well that’s where Julia (Julia Roberts) goes to pray. The area is abundant in culture, filled with beautiful temples and breath taking views of rice paddies and forest that will leave you content.

We visited Titra Empul (The Holy springs temple) where one is able to have spring water wash over washing away the negative past and blessing you for the future, the feeling of spirituality that transcends over your body while wondering around and taking it all in is a feeling that words cannot do it justices, Re invigoration, is possibly the best way to describe it, leaving the temple you feel different, a deep sense of calm.IMG_6333

Ubud is a must when visiting Bali. Get lost in the narrow roads that weave through rice paddies and communities of the friendliest people, get lost while sipping on coffee, get lost within yourself and  then find yourself .Whilst in Ubud forget time, don’t waste it, fill your heart and soul with gratitude and peace and leave Ubud a changed person. Your heart, mind, spirit and soul will be happy you did.


Here is a video from the 2 days: