Get your feet off the couch Darrin! A shouty shouty phrase I heard all too much growing up. I cant lie though, as a fully fledged adult who now owns their own couch….I get it mom! But is there an acceptable time to put your shoes on the furniture……with fully packed conviction, I say YES! And if Kanye’s Yeezy campaign shot by Richard Kern is anything to go by….he thinks so too!

Yeezy Campaign shot by Richard Kern

So here is my low down on when its acceptable to break the rule of shoes on the furniture:

  1. Choose a lush location….in my case The Mayfair Hotel in London (having said that, I’d be more than happy doing this on my own bed if the next few rules were applied).
  2. Choose an outfit….mine was a comfy hotel dressing gown, but a fleecy winter warmer from your own wardrobe will also suffice.

3. Choose a drink….I went fully packed with Moët! A strong runner up could be a Bellini or Aeperol Spritz.

4. And last but not least…..GET YO SELF A FULLY PACKED PAIR OF SHOES! Let me introduce you to my Giambattista Valli for H&M loafers. If socks are required go forth and conquer, mine are also Giambattista Valli for H&M.

Yes I do realise that these rules are slightly ridiculous, but life’s too short and this world is far too serious for us not to be that little bit of extra when we can be.

So I ask the question again; when is it acceptable to put shoes on the bed? The answer; when the shoes you’re wearing deserve it!

Until next time, stay fully packed!