The last time I posted on my site was the 13th of June 2017! I was just as shocked to see that. So here goes, what has happened since then and why my site took a back seat…

On the 17th of June 2017 I had been in my house for 2 months, yes my own place, signed sealed delivered its mine. The 17th of June was 23 days after I had been on a date that would change my whole life, didn’t think it at the time…  So here I am one year and 7 months later getting back into this! Sitting in my house, on the couch, with the same person that I went on that date with, difference is that person has moved in with me and what was my house once, is now ours.

2018 was certainly a year for growth and grow I did.  I grew as a person, grew in character and also grew in size, but that’s a topic for another day.

2019 is well on its way and January was a test month, a month to get back into the swing of things and focus on the rest of the year. 2019 is my first year that I am coming into being true to everyone that I know. Well if you didn’t know or hadn’t guessed, 2019 is the first year I’m coming into as G-A-Y.

This person that I speak of is the person that helped me do it, helped me overcome what now seems to have only been a fear in my mind. I mean after all none of my friends were actually surprised, come on, I wear sequin trousers and sunglasses that could belong to the collection of Elton John, what did surprise them though was the relationship that I had been in.

The relationship has flourished and I couldn’t be happier, this incredible man brings me so much joy, he makes me laugh and smile as we adventure through life. It’s incredible to explore the world with someone, even better to nap on the couch with and eat chuckles and uber eats. Yes I said it, that’s what helped me pack on a couple of kg’s last year. I was in love! Happy, fat and in love! I am still in love but the diet has changed.

So here goes 2019, I am excited to start the Fully Packed Bag up again, I am excited to see where this journey of love and life takes me and I am beyond excited to explore the world with my partner in crime.