Who said wearing pyjamas was limited to evening attire only? Why not have the pleasure of wearing soft-to-the-touch satin during the day too? Not to mention the ultimate awe-inducing shock moment of fur slippers during the day?

I realise these questions may be completely irrelevant to some but to me they’re pretty standard. Not that I need to justify my full satin outfit and fur Gucci slippers but sometimes the idea of luxury doesn’t need to be limited to inanimate objects but rather the simplicity of the feeling of clothing on your body!

So when are pyjamas acceptable attire for during the day? Well of course when your outfit is expertly put together with three simple items. 1) A pair of fuscia satin tuxedo style trousers. 2) A black satin shirt (choice of buttoning height completely up to you). 3) The ultimate pair of day slippers courtesy of Gucci. For an additional accessory, which is not a necessity but rather a nicety, an extravagant yellow armchair! VOILA!


  • Shirt: ASOS
  • Trousers: ASOS
  • Shoes: Gucci

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As I lay here, on my couch on a lovely Sunday afternoon typing these fashionable notes, don’t tell anyone I’m still in pj’s!  Until next time, sleep well whether in satin or not and stay fully packed!